FAQs & Pricing

How can I commission a portrait?
You reach out to me via email or the contact form and we can discuss what you’re interested in – the pet, the size, the date you need it by etc. During our email conversations, you will share some photos of your pet since this is the reference material that I work from. (For info on what makes a good photo, visit my tips page). The price will be determined beforehand and payment will be due prior to starting the piece.

Are the portraits done entirely by hand?
Yes! These are hand-drawn and painted portraits – NOT printed canvases/woodblocks or computer generated prints made to look like paintings, like you may find elsewhere. The photos of your pet are used only as a reference material since it’s impossible to have a dog (let alone a cat) sit still for hours at a time for a portrait painting session. These pieces take time to create. A lot of love and attention to detail goes into each portrait to ensure your beloved pet is properly captured.

What materials do you use?
I use acrylic paint on natural birch wood panels.

How large are your pieces?
Most pieces are typically 8×10 in size – some are smaller, some are larger.

Can I combine two (or more) pets on my piece?
Sorry, but I limit the portraits to one pet per wood panel. Due to the size of the panels used, more than one pet would sacrifice the detail and composition of the piece.

When will I receive my pet portrait?
From the time I receive payment and a usable reference photo, you can expect to receive your piece of art within a month. During the holidays, with the increase in demand, please allow for up to two months.*

How much do you charge?
A custom portrait commission is $400-700. Pricing is dependent on the size of the piece and the breed. For example, a Golden Retriever, with its luxurious coat, requires more time and attention to detail than a short-haired breed. I’m always happy to further discuss the pricing for the specific piece you have in mind via email or the contact form.

Do you still have questions? Please email me:



*If there is a tighter deadline involved, a piece may occasionally be completed within 7-10 business days for an additional $100.