About the Artist

A love of art and animals has defined my life from a young age – but it’s only recently that I actually combined the two.

My beautiful picture

Me & Cinnamon – 1975

The catalyst was the addition of a loveable, silly, snorting and occasionally (okay… frequently) flatulent Boston Terrier into our home – Lola. Lola is our best friend and “fur-baby.”  She is also my muse.

Once I began painting and drawing Lola, I soon began painting the beloved pets of friends and family members… and I haven’t been able to stop creating pet portraits since. I am passionate about capturing the spirit and personality of these furry (and feathered) friends that love us unconditionally.

Pet portraits aside: I have a BFA in illustration from Columbus College of Art & Design. My illustrations and designs have been commissioned by Newbury Comics, The Clarks Company, Sire Records, Polaroid and Epson. My illustrations have also been featured in Spin, Juxtapoz and Weekly Dig Boston.

I hope to work with you soon…

-Darren M. Goldman


darren and lola

Lola helping me paint…


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